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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ready, Steady, Goals!!

You all know that I have not been very regular with blogging these past few months, in this span of time I have realized how easily Facebook has taken over my blogging. It is so much easier to update your FB status many a times in the day or night and get comments instantly as compared to blogging! The reach to your friends is fast and their feedback is even faster! But there is ‘something’ about blogging that keeps pulling me towards it; which is why I am not giving up on writing my blog.

Let me update you on what happening in my life other than the fact that my 6.5 month old daughter is keeping me on my toes.

I have started my weight-loss journey from last Sunday – 20th July 2014, my target is set for the next 25 weeks!

My GOALS are:
  • To lose 12 kgs by 4th Jan 2015 which is one day before my daughter’s first birthday!
  • No Gym – I am done spending tons of money on gym for now… all exercise will be either done at home or in and around my neighbourhood (running)
  • No Diet – Focusing on changing my lifestyle rather than dieting which I know I cannot sustain once I have achieved my target weight.
  • Practice clean eating – Clean eating for me is No Maida, No Chocolates, pastries, or any other confectionary, No refined sugar, No ccd/ barista / costa / starbucks sugar laden coffee. No Junk food – sev, chivda, pakoras, etc
  • To make wise choices while eating out, it is unavoidable.
  • To keep focus on the target and not give up even if I stumble.

All this sounds very good and easy on the paper, but I know it’s going to be a very tough task.

I am going to achieve this target; I have finally made up my mind. Also once I lose 12 kgs I have another 10-12 kgs more to lose so this is just the beginning!!